Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for taking the time to visit our webpage. I hope you'll find it helpful and that our resources will encourage you as you use them.

Our church exists by the grace of God and the power of His Holy Spirit. We glorify Him, unite together as His people, and benefit our community. Our worship, fellowship, and service in the name of Jesus Christ unites us with Him Who Gave Himself for the life of the world.

If you are our neighbor near the Val-P peninsula or a visitor passing through the area, I warmly invite you to join us for worship and fellowship.

In His Service,

Pastor Ben Rossell


Trinity Presbyterian Church exists because of God's grace and for the sake of His glory. Our highest privilege is to worship the Triune God. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, this church opens wide her doors to welcome all who are weak and seeking rest; all who sin and need the Savior; all who hunger and thirst after righteousness; all who are poor in spirit and desire the riches of the gospel; and whomsoever will come to Jesus Christ, as Lord and King, by living faith and repentance.

We are a congregation of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC). With churches throughout the world, we uphold and embrace the historic Christian Creeds. Our church constitution is based upon the Westminster Standard Documents of historic Presbyterianism.

Find our church mission and vision statements here.


Worship God. We seek to glorify God and to live our lives enjoying Him in all His merciful, gracious splendor. Once a week, on Sunday morning, we gather together as the people of God, young and old, to give Him thanks and praise, to renew our dedication to Him, and to receive spiritual nourishment for the days to come. During our worship service, God the Father renews covenant with us, strengthens us through Word and Sacrament, and, by the Holy Spirit's help, we respond in faithful prayer and praise in union with our Great High Priest Jesus Christ.

Grow in knowledge and wisdom. Our parish ministry helps us to live joyfully and sacrificially during the week, serving together and growing into vibrant Christian communities. We seek to support this growth with a challenging program of expository preaching and teaching on Sunday morning. We do serious Bible study for those who take their lives seriously. The Word of God is our fountain of life. "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God!"

Love each other. Scripture teaches that we are to be humble, and to think of others better than we think of ourselves. We practice this by showing our esteem one for another. Much of this takes place in our parish ministries - living sacrificially each day before God, our family, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and our neighbors through parish meetings, recreation, shared meals, and caring assistance.

Share with those in need. God has richly blessed us, and has told us to trust in Him, not in the things He has given. He says that we should seek to be rich in good works, ready to give to those in need. That is why we help those in need locally and in our mission work in foreign countries. We especially encourage our youth to find the riches that come from serving others.


Trinity Presbyterian Church began in 1984 when several families who had been meeting together for weekly Bible study began a regular worship service, initially meeting in a member’s home and then a downtown Fort Walton Beach office. With an increasing appreciation and love for the Reformed faith, they recognized the need for a good pastor and contacted many who graciously filled our “pulpit” on occasion, but either were not interested in a move or had views different from ours on key issues such as Christian education, cultural engagement, Creationism, and Household Communion. After hearing about a solidly Reformed pastor named Mickey Schneider, we contacted him in 1985, and after several visits, we asked him and his session at St Paul Presbyterian in Jackson, MS to allow the Schneiders to move to Florida to labor as our founding pastor. The summer of 1986 found Pastor Schneider in our pulpit - at that time only a shaky wooden podium in the choral room of Ruckel Jr. High School, where 14 families met for worship on Sundays. As our congregation began slow but steady growth, we moved to “larger facilities” - the school lunch room - and later to an annex at Twin Cities Hospital. Here we met for several years of great preaching, wonderful fellowship, and much learning together under Pastor Schneider’s capable shepherding.

After saving for some years to buy our own building, in 1991 God enabled us to purchase the old Valparaiso City Hall, since remodeled extensively over the years to accommodate steady church growth. Two additional building lots were purchased with the need for a larger facility in mind, and by 2004 plans were underway for a new building. In 2006, a new administrative building was completed, providing room for offices, a library, and Sunday School rooms. A large Fellowship Hall with a modern kitchen was also constructed at this time. Regrettably, rapidly escalating prices precluded completion of an adjoining sanctuary until a later date.

With Pastor Schneider’s intended retirement at age 70 approaching, a pastoral search committee listened to the encouragement of Pastor Greg Strawbridge to consider one of his interns, Ben Rossell. After mutually edifying visits, TPC celebrated as Ben and his family moved from Maryland to the piney woods of north Florida, with ordination and installation on 28 April 2013 as our new pastor. With membership now approaching 200, a building committee has labored for several years to finalize plans for completion of Trinity’s facilities, with which we hope to move forward soon. As we look back with amazement and gratitude for all the Lord has allowed us to accomplish, we also look forward with joyous anticipation to what He has in store for us in the future.  



Pastor Ben Rossell

Elder Mike Mosley

Elder Greg Parry

Elder Mike Ruff

Elder Gary Williams


Deacon David Goestch

Deacon Don Hamilton

Deacon Micah Mallory

Deacon Nate Pierpoint

Deacon Tim Shaffer

Deacon Greg Waldron

Church Secretary

Ms. Heidi Mallory